B-day March 13th

Favorite Color Blue, But I Love To Wear Red

Love To Eat Seafood, Fries, Pizza, and Soul Food, Ramon Noodles with specifically "Old bay" season inside.

Family Man

Love playing basketball, rehearsals

Intrigue by the stars, the moons, and space (weird I know)

Love God, Christian

Started dancing professionally since I was 13th

Started singing/rapping since I was 15

Idol Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Beyoncé


B-day December 1st 

Favorite Color Is Green

Love Fish, Chicken, shrimp, & Pasta

Family Man

Like Shopping, Playing Basketball &

Rehearsal & Doing Shows

Been Dancing Since like 2 years old, started

rapping at the age of 13

I walk in faith and believe in God


 Crash Bandit


Born Aug 4 

Favorite Color Black/Red/Orange

Eldest Of 2 younger Sisters

Talents Dance, Poetry, Act

Styles Krump, Poppin, Hip-Hop, House


Born and raised in Florida/ATL

Humble heart

Favorite type of food Seafood


B-day: April 19th

Favorite Color: Purple & Orange

Put God First In Everything I Do

Like Playing Basketball Ball, XBOX or PS3 Madden

  & 2K Only Though

Love To Laugh And Joke Around

Dancing Since I Could Walk & Rapping came

  about August 2013 Honestly Lol!